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G3 Ministries
God, Girls & Greatness


Rise & Come Alive 

This is what the Sovereign Lord
says to these bones: I will make breath enter you,
and you will come to life.

The Spring G3 Legacy event will empower you to RISE UP and Walk in your true identity as a daughter of the King.  You will get to experience a fresh wind of the Holy Spirit moving to bring new fire and passion. This is a season to come alive in the presence of God and be empowered from on High to fulfill your destiny and build the Kingdom of God.  Your life is significant and God has not forgotten about you.  You are one of a kind and He has great plans for you!! This is the year for you to step into your Kingdom Assignment, Walk in Boldness, and Come Alive to live in FREEDOM in every area of your life!! The emphasis at this event is FREE in 2023!!!

God is on the move in America right now and He desires to move in you and through you. This is the hour and this is the moment you were created for.  You are called and chosen for such a time as this to RISE and Come ALIVE full of the Holy Spirit and His power!!! YOU have incredible destiny designed by God and He is calling you by name to embrace the new LIFE that can only be found in Him and the reality of His love for you!!  He is made in love with you and He has a plan for your life!!

Don't miss this moment!!! Join us on March 25, 2023. 

Ezekiel 37:5


Come Alive

A G3 Legacy Event 

This G3 Ministry event is uniquely designed to encourage and equip you to know your worth, value and identity in Jesus Christ.  


Date: March 25, 2023

Location:  The Lucky Spur Ranch in Justin, Texas

Who:  All girls ages 10 and up and women of all ages


Saturday 5:00pm -10:00pm Dinner, Worship, Speakers, Fashion Show, Shopping, and More

Ticket Price: 

$40 girls 10-16 years 

$55 girls 17+ 

Screen Shot 2020-11-01 at 2.59.03 PM.png

Come Alive
and be 
Free in 2023

March 25, 2023
Lucky Spur Ranch



Diana Burks and Caitlyn Burks


Diana - Mom, CEO, Ministry Leader and LOVES Design and Creativity
Caitlyn- 17 yrs old, Senior at Grapevine Faith, Captain on Soccer team and plays competitive soccer. 

Amy and Faith Roberts


Amy - Mom, Wife, CEO  Entrepreneur, Conference Speaker, and she is most passionate about helping people wake up to live in their passion and purpose in Jesus.
Faith - 14 Student at  Keller Middle School, Volleyball and Basketball Player

Stacy Park

Screen Shot 2022-10-24 at 9.03.53 AM.png

Stacy is the Founder of Spark Wholeness Ministry and Podcast.  She studied at Texas Tech and at the Kings University! She truly has a heart to raise up disciples of Jesus!


Anne Ballard

thumbnail (17).jfif

Anne is the Founder of Crowing Jewels prophetic jewelry company.  She is known as a Prophetic Visionary with the drive to accomplish her dreams with a business-ministry hybrid. She loves to champion others as they discover their God-given identity and fulfill their purpose.

Diana Burks

Diana Burks Headshot Mini Session-23.jpg

Founder of G3 Ministries


Diana is committed to helping other women and girls recognize their God given potential to influence others for Christ. She has been married to her husband for over 26 years.  Her passion is to see women rise up and walk in their identity in Christ.


Important Info

Details:  Come and enjoy this spring season with us for a time of refreshing at this beautiful wedding venue in Justin, Texas!! This is a new season to walk in victory and a season of breakthrough is here!!


It is time to walk into seasons of promise, redemption, and fresh intimacy with Jesus.  He will restore our soul and lead us into the new season He has planned.  He makes all things brand new!

You will feel encouraged, refreshed, equipped and empowered to walk in authority to fulfill your unique destiny from God. You are one of a kind and no one can take your place.  It's TIME for you to TAKE YOUR PLACE at the KING'S TABLE and receive all that He has for you!!! THE TIME

IS NOW TO BECOME Courageous and Be Filled with Boldness!!

The KINGDOM of God is unstoppable and He is for you and has great plans for you!!!

Bold Conference in November of 2022

Powerful themes at G3 Events and Conferences
G3 exists to empower you and each event will give you keys to unlock your future and give you confidence to walk in authority and power

*Breakthrough barriers of fear, doubt and worry 

*Receive the restoration and healing for areas of your heart that have been pierced through times of deep disappointment and pain. 

*Find Out What God's DREAM Is For Your Life


*Crush the limiting mindset that you are not enough-YOU ARE ENOUGH

*Learn to DECLARE your future and the power of your WORDS

*Find Out How to Step Out in BOLDNESS to be who God created you to be

*Fresh FIRE and Passion Ignited in Your Heart-the FLAME will REIGNITE 

*Finish Strong What God Gives You to Do and NEVER GIVE UP


ma Return to the Garden Event in 2022

AdorAdored Event in December 2019

G3 Adored Event Recap Video - December 2019

Sponsors & Vendors 
We would love for you to partner with us as a vendor or sponsor for this upcoming event! Please email us at

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 Vision of G3
Equipping and Bridging Generations for God's Glory

It's Time! The Lord is Awakening His Daughters for Such a Time As This

We are fully convinced that God desires to infuse hope into your soul as you release the pain of yesterday and set your eyes on the great future that God has designed just for you!!!
This one of a kind event is about bridging generations so that each generation is empowered by the Holy Spirit to walk in signs and wonders. The vision is to reach the next generation with the truth of who God is and who they are.
We are His daughters and He is awakening hearts everywhere to see who He really is! There is no one like our God and we must declare His Wonders to the next generations!!!

About G3 Ministries
God, Girls & Greatness
3 Generations of Blessing-Grandmother, Mother & Daughter

We believe that God has uniquely designed every girl with purpose and gifts that He placed inside of them before they were even born.  He has seeds of greatness inside of them that are just waiting to be watered and produce life. 


Our dream is to build up and encourage the next generation to walk confidently as leaders because they know who they are.  God has a tailor made design for His girls and He wants to declare His love and truth over their lives.  We love to impart the vision God has for young ladies into their hearts and inspire them to greatness.


Our events are designed to allow girls to experience the love of Jesus Christ through a unique experience  that is a themed party event to celebrate their life.  These special parties are fun, exciting and equip girls with the tools needed to succeed in their true identity, a daughter of the Most High King. 


Each event includes food, speakers, worship, fun games, prizes and so much more. 


We can't wait to explore together and learn about the great adventure God has planned for His daughters! 


Join the party because you belong here! 


We have a place for you! You are loved, adored and chosen for such a time as this to impact your world.

God Girls Greatness is an 501(c) (3) nonprofit (shoe angels-G3). We are currently fundraising for the upcoming March 25, 2023! We try to keep the admission cost for participants at a minimum, by securing donations. Please prayerfully consider supporting this ministry by donating to G3. Your contributions are 100% tax deductible! Thank you!

Be a part of the vision of reaching the next generation with hope and vision for their future!!! We desire to help them see a clear picture of the beautiful life God desires them to have. He desires for them to be filled with hope for the future, confidence to walk in their identity in Him as their Father, and to be an influence that is positive in their generation.  The next generation is worth it!!!

 We ask you to seek the Lord about partnering financially with us to bring unique, creative events that will bring the generations together to encounter the reality of the love and power of God.  You can have an impact that will last through eternity. We are so grateful for our Legacy Partners that have a heart to build the kingdom of God.


407 Vicki St.

Keller, Texas 76248

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